Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Evelyn's First Birthday Party

 The last month has really flown by! Here are her ever-so-late 10 and 11 month pics:

And a snapshot of her sitting in church like a big girl!

We were sooooo excited to announce that we are having...


baby GIRL!!!

And we had our friend Jordan Mobley take some family photos! 

Evie is sooo close to walking on her own, but does a great job holding on with one hand. She has even taken several steps on her own, so the real deal is going to happen any day now! 

We had a great birthday party for her last weekend! It was a "20's Tea Party" theme, but nothing too crazy. 

I think her favorite part was having Daddy around. She misses him so much during the week!

Above: Me, Evelyn Joy, and little sissy, Victoria "Tori" Rose Wittman. 

Well, I don't even know where to begin in trying to recap. Evelyn is just so much fun these days. She is sleeping 12 hours at night without getting up, and then takes a 2 hour nap during the day. Pretty awesome! She tries to say a new word every day, it seems. This week, her new words have been, "Tickle", which she also uses when talking about "Tigger". She says, "Pooh Bear" and copies me when I'm trying to "Sshh" her to go to sleep.

I can't believe I have a one year old! And I can't believe how long I labored to get her here. Ha! I glanced at the clock around 7pm last night, which is when my active labor began last year. And then woke up this morning after a full night's sleep, and then spent almost the entire day with Evie... and we still have 2 more hours to go! Labor is insane! Why would you do it? Oh, yeah. Because of the countless hours it affords with the cutest little lady in the whole world. :)

Meanwhile, Miss Tori is kicking and squirming and dancing a lot these days. And I started feeling MUCH better at exactly 20 weeks 4 days. It is SUCH a relief to feel human again! I'm anticipating a pretty easy time for the rest of this pregnancy. :)

I am SO excited that Micah and I have committed to using a doula for our future labor! It's easy to look back on our first one and realize how much more comfortable and reassuring it would have been to have her there supporting us. We already have a lot of plans up our sleeves for getting through labor more quickly, more comfortably, and with more energy left over when it's done. I'm actually EXCITED about labor already! Praise God! I'm already studying hypnobirthing and using prenatal yoga to prepare. Come on, November!

I'm hoping to post an update soon on the progress for my book. Hopefully I'll have that up in a few days. :)


Natasha W.

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  1. Those are some great family pics. What a great party we had! Evie is one special little girl. Lovie is soooo proud of her!!!