Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Rainy Day Moment

As I write, Evelyn is lying in her bed talking animatedly to herself. We just finished reading Les Contraires and Madeline, and then I rocked her peacefully as she snuggled up in her new GAP cardigan and Audrey Hepburn-esque outfit with her blankie and Puppy, fidgeting silently. But I was thinking of all the things I wanted to write, and was too impatient to sing her our usual french lullabies and wait for her to actually fall asleep. So she is currently trying to fall asleep on her own, which she is actually quite good at.

I've decided that, in addition to all the things I have on my plate right now, I'd like to add a painting project! Crazy, for sure, and maybe impossible. What can I say? Sometimes a girl just wants the impossible! ;)

I have been really inspired by Evie's Madeline book, with its classic French boarding school pictures, its charming simplicity and striking color schemes... and the opportunity it would afford for enhancing the girls' french education if I copied some of the illustrations! I'm planning on buying some small canvases to paint simple pictures and to write the image's french term/phrase underneath. My sweet friend Josee has really been encouraging about incorporating french into their education even though I know so very little.

I'd also like to learn more French songs for girls/babies. They are hard to come by, and then take time to translate, and then learn by heart. But they are my favorite songs to sing to her for naps, bed time, and middle of the night PLEASE-go-back-to-sleep rocking sessions.

Last night, we had our very first official meeting with our doula! That is, I had an interview meeting before signing on with her, but now it is official. We talked about all kinds of birth-related things, and it was so much fun. I feel encouraged and confident about my labor now- much more so than before! And so, my excitement for Victoria Rose is growing and growing! I can't WAIT for Evie to meet her, to have a little sissy that is SO close in age. When I think about it, I know so few people, especially of my or Evie's generation who have siblings so close together! Especially sisters! Just knowing how full my heart is and how much joy I get from being with Evelyn... my heart cannot even contain the concept of having TWO little girls. I am SO excited! And my joy, I know, greatly exceeds any trepidation about having a newborn again or having a newborn+toddler. 

As I'm sure you know, a LOT has been going on with my book lately. I appreciate any and all support coming in from family and friends. I assure you, none of it goes unnoticed. It is pretty challenging being back in the "social networking" scene, even if it is only for professional purposes. One does tend to feel vulnerable. This week, things have slowed down a little bit on the business front, as we wait on the cover to be designed and to hear back from people about other things, but today the Lord has really given me peace about having a bit of a break. It's nice to stop and think about Evie and Tori, painting again, and just trusting that this whole journey is in the Lord's hands. 

Today, Evie went with me for a cappuccino run in the rain, which totally made my day, and which had the blessing of my sweet Micah. We are currently on a tight budget, which really has no room for things like emergency coffee runs or makeup purchases or maternity clothes, but any time I let him know of something I feel like I NEED, he is so sweet to believe me and encourages me to buy it. He is so generous! :) He also called just to talk, even though he was driving through a flash flood warning and we had earthquakes going on left and right. I love him so much, and can NOT wait for our upcoming trip to Kansas City next month! At least 2 nights/ 3 days of nothing but dating each other... I can't imagine ANYTHING better right now. I have literally and figuratively dreamt of dating him since right after Evie was born! I'm pretty sure the number of dates we've been on in the last year would fit on one hand. I'm just absolutely starved for time alone with that man! I know the trip will be SO refreshing and will help us recharge before entering a new busy season of book-promoting/signing/selling and a new stage of parenting! 

Thank you so much for reading and for any comments you leave here as well as at . Your support is immeasurably meaningful to me! Also, if you could please go over to the Steep and Savor blog and enter your email address for updates, that would be really encouraging for me. :) Thank you!!!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Evelyn's First Birthday Party

 The last month has really flown by! Here are her ever-so-late 10 and 11 month pics:

And a snapshot of her sitting in church like a big girl!

We were sooooo excited to announce that we are having...


baby GIRL!!!

And we had our friend Jordan Mobley take some family photos! 

Evie is sooo close to walking on her own, but does a great job holding on with one hand. She has even taken several steps on her own, so the real deal is going to happen any day now! 

We had a great birthday party for her last weekend! It was a "20's Tea Party" theme, but nothing too crazy. 

I think her favorite part was having Daddy around. She misses him so much during the week!

Above: Me, Evelyn Joy, and little sissy, Victoria "Tori" Rose Wittman. 

Well, I don't even know where to begin in trying to recap. Evelyn is just so much fun these days. She is sleeping 12 hours at night without getting up, and then takes a 2 hour nap during the day. Pretty awesome! She tries to say a new word every day, it seems. This week, her new words have been, "Tickle", which she also uses when talking about "Tigger". She says, "Pooh Bear" and copies me when I'm trying to "Sshh" her to go to sleep.

I can't believe I have a one year old! And I can't believe how long I labored to get her here. Ha! I glanced at the clock around 7pm last night, which is when my active labor began last year. And then woke up this morning after a full night's sleep, and then spent almost the entire day with Evie... and we still have 2 more hours to go! Labor is insane! Why would you do it? Oh, yeah. Because of the countless hours it affords with the cutest little lady in the whole world. :)

Meanwhile, Miss Tori is kicking and squirming and dancing a lot these days. And I started feeling MUCH better at exactly 20 weeks 4 days. It is SUCH a relief to feel human again! I'm anticipating a pretty easy time for the rest of this pregnancy. :)

I am SO excited that Micah and I have committed to using a doula for our future labor! It's easy to look back on our first one and realize how much more comfortable and reassuring it would have been to have her there supporting us. We already have a lot of plans up our sleeves for getting through labor more quickly, more comfortably, and with more energy left over when it's done. I'm actually EXCITED about labor already! Praise God! I'm already studying hypnobirthing and using prenatal yoga to prepare. Come on, November!

I'm hoping to post an update soon on the progress for my book. Hopefully I'll have that up in a few days. :)


Natasha W.