Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Four Months Pregnant Update

Instead of trying to capture every (important) detail of the last several weeks, I'll try to keep it as brief as possible. But I must warn you: A lot has been happening!

Evie had her first sickness- a cold/virus a couple weeks ago. She and I actually got sick at the same time, and for her it came after a week of not sleeping well, a couple days of fever, teething pain, and a myriad of other disruptions in our routine. Because of the lack of sleep and other things, my health was taking a downward spiral during my pregnancy! I lost two pounds and had no appetite during the evenings. Evie reverted back to nursing 8 times a day for comfort, and I just wasn't retaining the nutrients I needed. So, with the advice of our pediatrician, Evie was weaned to cow's milk at 10 1/2 months old. I am sooo glad we were advised to do that!

Weaning has totally changed our lives! She now self-soothes during the night so we don't have to get up at all. She has an established bedtime routine of reading books, drinking milk from her sippy cup, and being rocked/sang to sleep at the same time each night. It is so sweet letting her fall asleep on us that way! She is particularly attached to her Bambi book, and insists on reading it before falling asleep for bedtime and nap time. It is so adorable! If she is too sleepy to read the whole thing, she just flips to the part about the skunk named Flower and gives him a kiss.

 Evie also just started doing well in her car seat right before being weaned. Praise the Lord!

I think starting this month, 11 months, we are entering into my new favorite baby/toddler stage.

In the last several weeks, she has also started trying to say new words- her first was "Bird" which sounds more like, "buh," or "bur". Since then she says (or attempts to say) "Juice", "bath", "bad", "bear", "Puppy", "Baby", "Papa", "Down", "There", "Thank you", and one attempt for "Lovie". ha ha. She also shakes her head no appropriately when you ask her a question and when we shake our heads at her to say, "No, no." She shakes her arm at dogs (and some times people) because Lovie taught her to tell the big bad wolf in her book, "YOU BE GOOD!" So when she sees or hears dogs, she usually does that, and sometimes makes her barking sound, which is "Ffffff!" I love it! She also tries to snap her fingers with both hands when music is playing. Ha!

She went swimming for the first time. Finding clothes for her just got really interesting. She had climbed up to 2T sizes at 9 months old, but now we are finding that she fits into some 12 month clothes again, and some 2T sizes just swallow her! She has slimmed down so much, probably due to walking (assisted) and crawling everywhere. She has been quite high energy, which is beyond wearing this pregnant momma out.

Speaking of being pregnant... I thought I'd post an update on the pregnancy and Evie's little Brother/Sister, as well.

We find out the gender in the middle of June, which is driving me nuts, because I want to know SO BAD. I started feeling the little one move at about 14 1/2 weeks, and now at almost 18 weeks, I feel him/her every single day. It is so wonderful to feel him/her make their presence known in the middle of the chaos that is parenting an 11 month old.

 My symptoms have been pretty straight forward lately: Extreme fatigue! Aversions to food and warm liquids, especially around dinner time. Frequent headaches (up until a week ago), and some (of what I think is) round ligament pain in the last few weeks.

Cravings: (Virgin) Margaritas! Tomato Basil soup and caesar salads. Fruit/ citrus. Cold coffee drinks.

This pregnancy season has been so challenging, that we have been tempted to name our little one (jokingly), Em Tasol. In melanesian pigeon (the language we partially learned in Papua New Guinea a few years ago), this phrase means, "That's all." So the question is, will this be Em Tasol Wittman??? I've wrestled with this question a lot, and I think I'm finally at a place where I can just let it rest until this little one is at least a couple years old. Then we may revisit and decide, 1) if we can handle another pregnancy while taking care of two kids, and 2) if we can handle THREE kids. I guess one reason I've been wrestling with it so much instead of just saying, "Of course this is it," is because part of me really wants a boy AND another girl. However, part of me wants to be done with pregnancy and nursing forever!

In other news, my hands are full this month with several things on my to-do list:

1. Plan Evie's first birthday party! We are thinking of keeping it low-key with just family this year. Next year we might do a separate friends party, and then combine Evie's family party with her cousins on the Fourth of July.

2. I need to acquire a doula! I'm really excited about the prospect of getting that extra support during my next labor/delivery. I think it will really help to get an even better experience than last time. :) I'm also considering looking into hypnobirthing and using a TENs machine for pain management. I'm already so excited about my next labor experience and can't stop researching and planning to prepare.

3. Getting my book published. I still have several tasks ahead to try to get that book out this summer. If I achieve that, then I will be able to start work on promoting and selling it before the baby is due in November. That's my goal!

I will try to update again soon, mostly just for pictures. :)


Natasha W.


  1. Fun changes ahead! So much joy watching them grow and learn...also not so fun when the major tantrums/whining starts haha. All stages have there good and bad.....but I find each new stage you cant help but love! Glad your pregnancy is going well.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, just taking it one day at a time. So far, not too bad with tantrums or anything, but I'm sure that's more of a toddler thing.:/ It is going to be interesting, that's for sure! :)

  2. Oh my goodness! So much is happening! It sounds like things are going well! I can't wait to see Evie again, and now it looks as though she may be up for a conversation??! Awesome! Aunt Chris

    1. Yes, especially if your conversation involves "juice", "cheese", or barking. ha ha. Thank you for checking in! :D