Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Tornado Season Update

Hello, tornado season! How did you come back so quickly??? 

Well, I don't know how, except that Evie Joy makes time fly by SO quickly. :) We are praying for a peaceful season with beautiful weather. This has been the longest winter of my life! I have been just dying to get Evie out more and to spend more time out doors. 

Yesterday, Evie turned 9 months old! We had her 9 month doc appointment today, and it went really well. She weighs 20lbs 12oz, and is over 28 inches long. 

A LOT has happened in the last couple months, as well...

-Evie quickly sprouted a total of 4 teeth about a month ago. I love her gorgeous smile!

-She also started saying Ba-ba instead of Mama, and still says Da-da pretty well. She also went through a two-day phase of saying Uh-oh over and over again. It was so cute! But now she hardly ever says it. Instead, she says random word combinations (babbling, of course), like... "Oy leg." and "Hi, bub" and once when I asked her to say Da-da, she thought really hard about it and then said, "Bad." She also said, "Type" today. It cracks me up! She is experimenting so much with her voice and I love it!

-The last few weeks have been extremely difficult as her fussiness reached an all-time high. After talking to the pediatrician, we think she has had some stomach issues, which may be tied to teething. We are hoping to switch her to a bigger car seat soon (rear-facing/forward-facing) since she HATES being in her car seat most of the time. 

-She did great on our trip to the lake with family, and started nursing only 5 times a day! She did the same thing when we visited family in Texas, but as soon as we got back home, she switched back to nursing 8 times a day. :( Frustrated mommy here! Our plan is to amp up the amounts of solids we feed her, and to serve those 4 times a day! Hopefully she will just be too full for very much milk. If we can keep her down to 4-5 feedings a day, Mommy and Daddy might actually be able to go on a long date or something! 

-She got her very first sunburn (oops!) in Texas. But she wore it like a champ. We will be keeping hats and sunscreen more handy from now on. 

-She has been really weird about food lately, but again that may be tied to her stomach issues and/or teething. Hopefully that passes soon! The doc gave us some different probiotics to try for a while, so hopefully that helps. Our goal is to have her eating from the table with us for each meal by the time she is 12 months old, in just 3 more months!

-I've learned that Evie LOVES to be around lots of activity, people, and noise. If only I could make that happen at home. Unfortunately, I think she gets bored in our tiny house with just me around. I'm hoping future trips out to the library and mom's groups will help with that.

-She is standing holding onto things really well, but still needs a spotter. She army-crawls/creeps like nobody's business, but still hasn't figured out the whole hands-and-knees thing. She is soooo close, it drives me crazy! Actually, just since I started writing this post, she took several steps on her hands and knees! Praise God! 

-She has been our little vacuum cleaner and wants to eat every tiny speck off the carpet. It is exhausting staying on top of that, and having to fish stuff out of her mouth when I am too late. Yuck!

I have to say that the 6-9 month period has been extremely difficult for me most of the time. I think a lot of it is tied to the frustration of not being able to crawl and walk on her own yet. She has shown some defiance, but I think even that has been linked to her added frustration and stress. 

Okay, some pictures below: 

Playing piano with Lovie and Nana.

Our 7 month old Valentine!

Ready for summer weather! T-shirts and no pants.

Collecting pecans out of the backyard.

New pajamas from Lovie.

Army-crawling like crazy! 

Such a big girl. 

Enjoying a visit from Aunt La-La.

A random sunny day in March.

Sneaking in some sunshine in the backyard.

She is becoming such a big girl!

Family vacation at the lake! She loved hanging out with everyone.

A random family who stole my baby. Just kidding! The lovely Clagg clan, posing with Evie.

Learning to pull up on her crib. Time to lower the crib!!

Posing with cousins in the blue bonnets in Texas. She LOVES her cousins!

First sunburn! Whoops!

A trip to Denny's for a "family vacation" with Mom and Dad. (All we did was go eat and shop, but it was fun and felt like vacation! Ha!)

Enjoying her sweet new ride in the back yard. A surprise from Lovie! 


  1. Melts Love's heart....every single time!

  2. Love, love, love the pictures! Evie is growing soooo fast!

    1. Thank you, Anonymous! Who is this? Lol

  3. Congratulations! Love the clever title, too! I can't wait to read your novel!!


    Aunt Fritter

    1. Thank you Aunt Fritter! I can't wait to share it! Soon, I hope!