Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Evie's First New Year

It is so amazing to remember that a year ago, we were standing in front of our house in the snow, proudly holding our first sonogram- our first picture of Evie.

My, how she has grown!

Above: Christmas at my Mamaw's house. 

Below: Micah's outfit for his job's tacky Christmas sweater party. 
They called him Bruce Spruce. 

Below: Christmas with Lovie and PawPaw Dutch, Uncle Bear and Aunt Honey. Evie really loved the tissue paper. :)

Below: How I found her one morning! Some days she wakes up so content and just plays in her bed. Of course, a sock was missing as usual. 

She is currently having a special visit from her Mamaw this month! We were able to go for a long walk one Sunday when the weather was nice. But since then, there have been several snowy days!

Sun bonnet: check! 

Stroller seatbelt: check!

Shades: check!

Sophie (teething giraffe): check! Ready to roll, people.

I might try to get some more 7 month pictures this month, because the lighting in our living room is just notoriously no bueno.

Our precious Evelyn Joy is 7 MONTHS OLD! AAHHHHH! Time is flying by with this super fun, super energetic little one. Some developments in the last couple of months:

-She is really slimming down! She is so active, always kicking her legs and wanting to move, it is no wonder that her weight gain has slowed down from more than 2 pounds per month to half a pound per month. 

-I have been giving her a lot more floor time this week, since she isn't really making much progress with crawling. I admit that I haven't given her much of a chance, because it is hard to do housework in one room rather than moving from room to room. She LOVES to roll, hang out under the coffee table, and pretty much explore everything she's not supposed to. Some days I think I know what it is like to have a toddler!

-She is now eating 3 meals of solids per day! Her favorite foods so far are: bananas, apples, and those purple organic stars. Her least favorites are: potatoes, carrots, and rice cereal (Can you blame her?). It seems like the more we introduce, the pickier she becomes, and things she used to think were okay, are no longer good enough. Hm. 

-She is waking up 1-2 times per night, but usually only once. She usually wakes up in time to see Da-da head off to work, and varies on bed time between 8-10pm. Why? Because once we finally get her going to bed around 8:00, we end up taking her out with us during the evening, and that throws everything off for many nights to come. :( 

-She is getting better at "reading" time, meaning that she is less focused on eating the books.

-Her favorite toys are...all of them, but especially anything that feels good to her tooth.

-She has a tooth! Yay! 

-She loves Peek-a-boo, trying to get our attention if we are trying to take her picture with a phone or if we are watching tv, and hearing me sing La Mer (of course!)

-She is quite the Mommy's girl at the moment, and I can't say that bothers me one bit! I can't get enough of this little girl. She is going to be such a great helper and (still) so much fun as she gets older. It is going to be a wonderful new year with many new experiences for all of us!

Sometimes I am shocked by the reality that she isn't plateauing where she is right now. Every new stage is so transient, so temporary. We are now out of the "contentment" stage (for her, 3-5 months) and in the very exciting and exhausting and frightening "exploration" stage. I can't even imagine what this year holds for us. I wouldn't mind her staying right where she is, but I know that I need to rejoice with her in every new stage and celebrate every new development, until she is off on her own conquering the world. I'm just so honored and excited to be apart of her childhood. The Lord continues to bring us so much joy through our beautiful Evelyn Joy. Praise be to God! She is having her dedication this Sunday, for which I am both excited and frightened. So far, church experiences have been challenging. Something about our pastor's voice seems to make her want to talk back to him very loudly! So, standing at the front of the room in front of hundreds of people while the pastor talks and prays over us... yeah, I need some prayer for this Sunday! If you think of us, please pray that this ceremony goes smoothly and that Evie doesn't get frightened or have a melt down or anything. Thank you! 

Well, that's it for now. I expect crawling to happen soon, and can't wait to post some video of that!

Natasha W.