Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Visual Update: Autumn

      It has been a interesting Autumn. Yes, Autumn. Can you believe it? Despite that this is an Autumn post, it looks a lot like Winter. On the homestead, we are currently finishing up some last minute Christmas shopping, admiring our beautiful Christmas tree, and awaiting the birth of Evie's baby cousin Jase! But until I can get some Christmas photos up, here is a plethora of snapshots from the last few weeks. :) 

Lately, Evie-Daddy time has been awfully short during the week! 
Hopefully this will get better in the future. 

Evie is so sweet and content in this season of life (about 3 months through almost 6 months) and I hope this phase continues for a while! She loves to sit in her bumbo at the dining table, allowing me to work on manuscripts, French studies, and book reviews. 

 Thanksgiving cookery! I think I enjoy cooking Ina Garten's Cranberry Fruit Conserve more than I enjoy eating it. I just LOVE all the bright colors and fresh fruits. Don't you love cranberries?

The "Fruit" in the Conserve. I love zest, though I have incurred many an injury in the zesting process. It is still so worth it! I can't wait to share more cooking adventures with Evie Joy in the future. 

A quick Thanksgiving family portrait! Not Pictured: Watson, the fiesty Blue Lacey. 

Random: Our last doctor's visit. This picture can be quite deceiving, as the whole trip was mostly filled with S.C.R.E.A.M.I.N.G. Thankfully, Lovie was there to help us get through it all.

Okay, some hoodlum pictures! I found this outfit and put it on her even though it was freezing cold outside. In my defense, it was quite warm and snuggly inside the house. Oh, and in the picture you can see the amazing, beautiful, stunning quilt that Aunt Candy made for Evie. Remember the baby shower she threw us? At that party is when we all signed a square for Evie. Mine is actually in this picture. A bird for Evie-Bird. :) 

SNOW!!! Our front yard tree, Micah's truck buried in snow, and our chilly baby in about 3 layers of clothing (or more). We only had her outside for 5 minutes at a time, and then back inside for a hot bath. 

I actually helped with these beautiful lights, although the genius behind the craft is Micah, of course. We hung them while Evie was sleeping one evening. I'm so thankful for this tiny, cozy, lovely abode!

The photo shoot begins...

Her first bowling experience. Hey! Did you know that bowling alleys are not the most baby-friendly place in the world? I think I knew that, but I also experienced it at Micah's office Christmas party.

Exploring a new cafe in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Hoboken. Love, love, love!

And...she's asleep! Oh, the irony. 

     Okay, so I'm hoping to put up a video or two and write a little more about how things have been and how Evie has been changing. It will have to be some other time, though, because my little one is needing a bath before Da-da gets home.

Love. You. All. 



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