Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Halloween, Vacation, and Fall Weather...Oh My!

Here are a few random pictures, shots from her first family vacation, her first Halloween, and some very late 4 month (or 4 1/2 month to be more accurate) pictures. 


I love those leggings! Sooo cute! And I love legging-weather. :)

Just a sweet face.

Such a darling!

Shopping with Lovie! 

Okay, so since we took video of her first Halloween, we only got one picture!

And her first Jack-O-Lantern on our porch. :)

Vacation ready! Even wearing her furry white boots!

Smiles in her cozy hat!

We went to a wildlife refuge and museum called Woolaroc. The view was stunning!

I'm not sure if you can tell, but Micah is "holding" a teepee and wagon in his hand. Isn't he awesome?

Bundled up with daddy, Lovie, and Papa Dutch at the historical lodge.

Evie on top of the world!

Today we took advantage of the beautiful weather before the freeze could hit. And... I went a little crazy with all the pictures! You've been warned.


Mommy and Evie in black capris.

Playing with a yellow leaf. The kind that don't crush in a baby's hand. I learned the hard way that the brown ones are a no-no for her incredible pianist handgrip. 

Look at who is super photogenic! She gets that from her father. ;)

Natasha W.

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  1. Oh. Muh. Goodnesh! She's such a cutie! Great pics!