Friday, November 8, 2013

Days Like Today

I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying the stage we are in right now. There are still a lot of difficult things going on (i.e. teething and not sleeping through the night and not napping well), but there is just so much joy in the life of this little one.

I wanted to stop- even though I don't have time to upload pictures- and take a few minutes to savor the day.

Some things that happened this week:

-This week, at 18 weeks old, we have had to raise Evie's exersaucer height level already! She has only been in that thing for a few weeks, so I know she is growing like crazy. I can't wait for her to get weighed and measured at her 4 month doctor's appointment next week!

-She has also just started enjoying playing on her stomach, which is good since she'll need to learn how to crawl.

-She slept through the night once this week- staying consistent with her once-per-week routine.

-She has discovered her feet on her changing table, and loves to hold them now.

-She really enjoys bath time, and if I let her stand up in her TummyTub, she likes to stomp one foot at a time over and over again. ha! Trust me- it is super cute.

-She has stopped wearing 6 month clothes, and is now only in 9 and 12 month sizes. I even bought her an 18 month size dress this week! Quite honestly, I am tired of stretching clothes over her very healthy little body.

-She still loves our special song, "La Mer" as much as ever. Today she beamed at me in total delight the entire time I sang it to her! I sing it to her almost every single day. I am always reminded of the morning I sang it to her when I was pregnant and she stopped kicking until the song was over. I knew then that it was our special song!

-She is in a yelling stage! Last week she was only yelling in this deep, hilarious voice, but I think that has already passed. She is now just sort of talking REALLY loud! It's awesome, but I don't know how I'll feel if it happens in church this Sunday. I'm just thankful that our church has a Cry Room (which is actually more fun than it sounds).

I love talking to Evie all day long, and I think that is why she is so vocal. I talk her through recipes while we are cooking "together", while I'm changing her diaper, and any other time I get a chance. Sometimes I catch her watching me talk and just moving her lips noiselessly, like she is trying so hard to get this talking thing down.

Today, I was a little more indulgent than usual. Partly because she seems to be in another growth spurt, and partly because I am soooo tired! (Oddly enough, despite how often Evie doesn't sleep through the night and doesn't nap, I am usually not very tired at all.) Today we took a nap together, and I even let her sleep on top of me for a while. She woke up and just smiled at me so big. I can't seem to stop hugging her and cuddling with her today! I swear, her face is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Just looking at it makes me want to have more babies! ha ha This stage we are in is by far my favorite. I'm so thankful to be able to stay home with her and indulge both of us on days like today. :)

Natasha W.

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  1. Lovie sure is enjoying the posts, and of course, all the adorable pictures!