Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Backyard Adventures

This morning, Evie and I went on a special adventure into the backyard. While it is true that she visits the backyard almost every single morning, we usually stay safely on the cemented section next to the backdoor and utility room (for most people, this is where a back porch would be). On a few occasions, we have traipsed around the large pecan tree which acts as the main attraction in our tiny stretch of grass. We have surveyed the bird feeder and stretched out on blankets beneath the canopy of leaves and limbs and the goings-on at Cafe Oiseau (we have named the bird feeder "Bird Cafe", you see).

Today, we were especially adventurous. Perhaps we were inspired by a ten minute clip of the cartoon, Madeline.

It was perfect weather for an adventure, in my opinion. Everything in sight was wet and heavy and clean with last night's rain, the sun lighting up the sky from behind a thin veil of blue-gray clouds. We walked past the shed and along the fence that separates our yard from our neighbor's (incidentally, the property is currently empty, so there was no fear of being interrupted). We spied the beautiful bark of some unknown trees which were leaning against the fence and swaying their timid branches with bug-eaten and be-speckled leaves, their verdant greens spotted with vermillion yellows and whites. We took in the curious, crippled tree trunk which had snaked its way in and out of the old rusty fence, but bore no limbs. We took a promenade beneath the pecan tree's boughs, heavy with brilliant green leaves and large clusters of ripening pecans which at a further distance had been camouflaged. Up close, they became clear and brilliant, enticing us with the promise of future pecans in coming weeks.

We picked a leaf off our dying and impotent tomato plant- me, rubbing it between my finger tips to evoke the earthy scent of tomatoes, Evie, clenching it tightly in her fist and staring blankly back at me.

It is true that we discovered no dragon fewmets, encountered no pirates, or captured any treasure. But we made sweet memories nonetheless. And I had the opportunity to see the world through Evie's fresh eyes.

What a beautiful world it is!

Natasha W.

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  1. Beautiful. Reads like poetry. Please post more adventures! :D