Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Highlights of Seven Weeks

I can't believe Evelyn is 7 weeks old as of yesterday! Here are just a few pictures to highlight the last several weeks.

No, that is not a doll! That's my one week old. :) I can't believe she was ever so tiny.

I love getting to see those dimples!

At 3 weeks, she really started putting on the weight. 

I love seeing her in those little jeans.

This was taken of her second bath at home. I love her duckie hooded towel.

5 weeks old snuggles.

This is her at 5 weeks, wearing the same dress as in her 1 week photo. It's pretty much a shirt, now.

Wearing leggings on a summer morning in the backyard. I LOVE taking her outside. She loves to listen to the birds, wind, trains, wind chimes, and other sounds. Sadly, the mosquitos usually drive us back indoors before long.

I want to say this was approximately 3 or 4 weeks old. The face she was making reminds me of how we have all felt waking up on a Monday morning. Too bad we don't all look that adorable, though. Sadly, she has outgrown her "whale onesie" that her daddy picked out for her. :(

At 6 weeks, we were chilling on the front porch steps, just enjoying some fresh air. Thank God for such a mild summer. :) I love that dress, too! A precious gift from her Aunt LaLa.

At almost 7 weeks, we were able to take her to her first wedding! She was so darling in this dress all evening.

Her second Sunday at church. A headband from Aunt Candy and a dress I bought her over the weekend. (She is now in clothes, sizes 3 months, 3-6 months, and even some 6-9 months!) She did so wonderfully, again. This time, we made it through the entire service without having to go to the cry room. :) 


  1. Oh my goodness, she's precious! I literally, literally thought it was a doll in the first picture. So tiny. Can't wait to see her soon, I hope!

  2. Love all the pics! Glad you finally posted some:) What a beautiful baby girl and looks like you are all doing well. Hope to get together soon and before too long we will be having to get both our girls together.