Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Three Week Update: Technically "Full Term"

I decided to go ahead and do a 3 week update, since so much has happened in the last week.

Okay, so here are the weekly pics:

And I thought it would be prudent to include a couple of shots of the Pretty Pushers labor gown that I'm keeping packed in my hospital bag. In my desire to avoid viewing myself as a hospital patient (though technically, I will be- just not for a sickness), I bought this disposable labor gown. I am taking pictures now because once things start happening, I may not feel like posing any more. ha ha. 

So, I've heard that I will probably be leveling out in the weight department, now that I'm in the final weeks. For the record, I've gained a grand total of 25 pounds, and the midriff has hit a whopping 42 inches around. Sounds like a television set to me! I'm pretty excited about these numbers, though, because I think it will be fun to see them go down. :) 

In the last week, I can definitely tell that Evie and I are getting ready for her birthday. I am quite certain she has been "dropping", which has left me with a lot more energy and easier breathing. I even had my first nesting surge the other day, which was the most amazing feeling. I'd forgotten what a joy it is to be motivated to clean, have the energy to clean, and then get the cleaning done. I look forward to more days of productivity, both in these last few weeks and whenever Evie and I get into a good rhythm later on.

I've been doing a bit of crafting in my "nesting" phase. Hence, the mod-podged letter "E", which was formerly painted a boyish color. I think the decoration is just perfect for her room, and I'm so thankful Shyla gave it to me at my baby shower!

I think I might actually feel better this week than I have through my entire pregnancy! This amazes me, because I think the general rule is that you feel bad in the 1st trimester, feel better than ever in your 2nd trimester, then feel bad again in the 3rd. For me, I felt miserable from weeks 5 through 25, and never got my energy back until week 36! And now I feel amazing about 80% of the time.

And I reorganized my recipe collection using mod-podged clothespins. I know what you're thinking: Who the heck has time to trace, cut out, and glue tiny pieces of scrap paper onto clothespins??? I don't know. All I know is, I had a long list of things to do that all took a backseat for a good 45 minutes while I did this. :) 

The reality has sunk in that Evie really could come any time, and though it may still be weeks away, she will be here in less than 5 at the most! Yesterday we were officially considered by many to be "full term" though only 37 weeks. This is a little confusing for me, since I know that gestation is 40 weeks, and that she may very well stay an extra 2 weeks. However, I've decided that there's a good chance she'll come around the 23rd, since there is a full moon, and lots of crazy things tend to happen around full moons. Granted, the theory of more births happening around a full moon has technically been debunked, but by then I will be nearly 39 weeks, so it could happen.

I am amazed by the sense of peace I have about starting labor. I am genuinely looking forward to that day, and not in the least bit afraid of the pain- though I know it will be intense. I suppose that my only remaining fear is having to be induced, especially since so many first time mom's go past their due date. So far, Evie will not need any antibiotics at her birth, which I'm very excited about. But I think getting the epidural for Pitocin would be just a bit disappointing, so I'm hoping to avoid it. One good thing is that she is in a great position at the moment, so I'm keeping my expectations high for an amazing "labor day". Call me an optimist! :)

I am so hoping to have Evie's mobile up, as well as the rest of her nursery decorations, so I can post pictures before she arrives. We have been given a lot of great decorations by friends and family, which I'm very excited about!

We have also attended Cloth Diapering class, stocked up on diapers, finished our Childbirth Preparedness class, had our car seat installed, and even hung up a clothes line outside. Yes, this does call for more clothespin mod-podging! Let the fun begin!

Natasha W.