Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Third Trimester Begins

Well now I am too far behind! 

I just hit 29 weeks today, but I'll save that for next week.

At 27 weeks, I considered myself at the start of the third trimester. As you may know, those in the medical field have conflicting views on when exactly the third trimester starts...not that it matters. I figured that with only 13 weeks to go, this made the most sense for me, and it was time to celebrate. 

So here are a couple of 27 week photos:

I found it interesting that almost as soon as the new trimester started (think: by the end of the week), I already began to feel totally different from my second trimester. In retrospect, the 2nd was full of 1st trimester symptoms about halfway through, and the transition from morning sickness to normalcy was very slow. I never really did hit that wind of energy that everyone assured me I would feel. Nor did I ever get a voracious appetite or crave bizarre foods. I did have back pain for the last 3 or 4 weeks of the second trimester. But even that changed almost immediately going into week 27. 

So far the third trimester has consisted of a lot of surprising symptoms, though nothing to complain of, really:

A strange bruise-like pain at the top of my abdomen. My midwife believes it is just my organs struggling to get out of the way for Evie. Weird! 
I have had some back pain, but not nearly as bad or consistent as it was during the 2nd trimester. 
I've been able to be more active some days, and have even prepared dinner fairly consistently. 
However, other days, I've hit a complete wall with absolutely no energy all day long! It has been really strange. 
Also, my morning sickness randomly flares up again. 
My appetite seems quite normal (not pregnant normal) most of the time, though I've been waking up around 4 or 5 a.m. completely starving. 
Evelyn seems to think she should try to climb on out of there by pushing her way out of my belly. It is very amusing, and looks totally freaky. :)
She is also getting the hiccups a LOT more often. Oh, the idea of her hiccuping. The cuteness is almost too much!! Cannot wait to see that in July. :) <333333 p="">

Random thoughts:

I've realized that over the last several months, I have been studying and preparing furiously for July 2nd (-ish), even when I was letting the house go and not handling other tasks very well. A book that I found at the library completely changed everything for me, though, in a good way. I LOVE Natural Hospital Birth by Cynthia Gabriel. It seems absolutely perfect for me and Micah and Evie, and it has challenged a few things that I'd believed beforehand. I've also switched from drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea exclusively, to also drinking Pregnancy Tea by Traditional Medicinals. I'm hoping to increase both as this trimester progresses. 

Just a couple of 28 week photos:

("28 weeks pregnant")

And here is a much belated picture of the painting we found long ago at Pier 1. We are using it as inspiration for the decor and theme of Evie's room. I'm thinking also of incorporating the scripture about considering the birds of the air. 

Somehow, I have become very attached to the color navy blue, and other shades of blue. Those who know me well may be shocked to think I'm not bathing the room in shades of pink. I'm a little shocked myself. We do plan to raise our daughter to be a lady and to be feminine, after all. I suppose I've just come to realize that femininity does not equal pink. I want Evie to embrace color and artistic expression and so much more than what mainstream America has to offer, so much more than what our culture defines as beautiful. 

We stumbled on this beautiful mirror (below) in a shop in Eureka Springs. The tessellated pattern of blues reminded me of exotic bird feathers. :)

We finally started the layette. And perhaps this is where I discovered my peculiar attachment to navy blue stripes! From here we are definitely planning to incorporate more pinks into this little lady's wardrobe. But I couldn't pass up on these outfits. Also, Micah fell in love with what we call "the whale onesie", though I think it is technically called something else. (I'm still trying to get a handle on these baby clothes names!) He also insisted upon the white bonnet from the Gap.

I hope to update next week. 

I also hope this tornado watch doesn't turn into tornadoes. If you need me, I'll be in the closet with a heavy shoe (for killing spiders) and a cordless dust buster (to dispose of the bodies) probably crying myself senseless. That is, if these "watches" turn into "warnings." Also, if a tornado destroys the nursery, I'll be pretty crushed. It is just now starting to come together in there, so that I actually enjoy spending time in that room! 

Stay safe and God bless!

Natasha W.

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