Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Twenty-Six Weeks

Weeks 25 through 26 were largely uneventful in the pregnancy department. Not that I'm complaining! Below are a couple of photos to commemorate 25 weeks. 

 And here are a few for 26 weeks! I took these today (which is not the exact day of turning 26 weeks, but that's okay), and realized that we are now under 100 days until Evie's due date! How exciting!

This is my view, although I admit that I was sort of leaning forward. It seemed wrong not to get a glimpse of the yoga pants in the shot.

A few things that are going on right now: 

Lemon bar love. I had been craving them for an entire week before I finally baked a batch myself. Mmmm! Admittedly, these would taste better on a hot, sunny day, so I'll probably be baking them again in the near future. (Also, I still tend to crave things like fresh salsa, ice cream, and all things citrus, just for the record.)

I'm back to drinking Raspberry Leaf tea. I had started it in the first trimester, but then the nausea got so bad that I wasn't able to drink anything hot for a long time. Well, that has changed! This cold, yucky weather has made sipping hot tea all the more enjoyable. Also, raspberry leaf tea is well-known in homeopathic circles for strengthening the uterus, and is recommended for women whether pregnant or not. Don't expect to taste raspberry! However, it is a good, mild tea. I'm planning to brew it double strength and pour it over ice when the weather is warm. 

I didn't post a picture of it, because it is ugly. But my trusty rice pack is another everyday necessity since about two weeks ago. As the back pain continues, I've found that the exercises recommended to me by my midwife are not helping (though I continue to do them anyway), but applying the rice pack twice a day does help. Part of it might just be that it forces me to lie down and rest my back in the afternoons/evenings, as opposed to trying to tough it out for hours at a time in pain. 

I've started taking Papaya Enzymes after most meals, which is working miracles for my pregnant digestive system! I was feeling all out of whack two nights ago, completely unable to sleep comfortably. The next day, I started taking these after meals, and I've felt almost perfect ever since. 

One thing that is soooo not happening right now: Self-Pedicures! I had put off giving myself a pedicure until right before our trip, which is this Friday. I was just sure that it would be no problem. I mean, I'm not that huge or anything yet. So this afternoon, I sat down and quickly learned how wrong I was. My back immediately revolted with stabbing pains every time I tried to lean forward, no matter how I tried to maneuver around the belly. Oy! I toughed it out long enough to look decent, but didn't even attempt the painted french tips I had been pining for. Those will have to wait for the professional touch!

In other news, the Lord has been so good to provide for us and Evie. About a month ago, I'd had a dream that I felt was prophetic. The dream contained a list of things that someone was going to give us- extravagant gifts. Immediately upon waking from the dream, I knew that the Lord was saying that the dream was about the list of things I had been praying for everyday, and that He was going to provide those extravagant gifts. And He did! 

-Micah was blessed to get a new job! This is something we'd been praying and hoping for over the last year, but Micah just interviewed for this new position recently. It will be a huuuuge, life changing experience for Micah to work regular hours during the week, as well as to work indoors on a daily basis. It also involves a pay increase, which is, of course, amazing. I love that this is happening before Evie arrives. The timing seems perfect. :)

-We were able to purchase a vehicle that is suitable for Evie! Previously, we only had a single cab pickup, which would be impossible and illegal to transport an infant in. The Lord allowed us to find a really great deal on an Altima. I'm not sure if we will be keeping two vehicles or selling the truck to help us out financially, but for now it will be great to have two vehicles again. And the truck has been really bad for my back (and also bad for nausea, since you can't recline), so this car is an incredible blessing... and just in time for our trip!

-We are able to go on a Baby Moon! We will also be celebrating our Five Year anniversary a bit, since we aren't planning to take a trip like this in the fall. I have been desperately wanting to get away alone with Micah, as it has been two or more years since we have done so. Hopefully I will have pictures up of our trip soon, which is this weekend. I'm confident that when I get back, I will be ready to settle down and nest for Evelyn's arrival. 

So there are three miracles from my list of prayer requests! Praise the Lord! I know that He will continue to provide for our needs as we transition into this exciting new seasons of life. :)

Natasha W.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Twenty-Four Weeks

I love how every week seems to get better and better. Every week brings us closer to the day we'll hold our petite Evie. And I am just as excited now- no, make it MORE excited- as I was when I first found out about our tiny bundle of joy. Speaking of joy...

I am about to do something incredibly awkward, and maybe a little offensive. I am about to change Evelyn Grace to Evelyn Joy.

I know, I know! So uncouth. So crazy.

There are many things that factored into this decision, and as much as it may not be a big deal to anyone else (at least, I hope it isn't), it was very hard for us to make the final decision to change her middle name. After all, we LOVE the middle name, Grace. We LOVE the meaning of the word grace. We LOVE everyone we know with connections to the name. And maybe another future Wittman will be graced with that incredibly elegant and poignant name. Who knows? But I began to have my doubts when I was doing the dishes, and the name, "Evie Joy" kept popping into my mind. I'd have to remind myself that that was not her name, but it bothered me that it came up so easily, without thinking. Suffice it to say that we felt that the middle name Joy fit her better. And by that I mean, of course, that it fit our idea of her better. :) Another factor is that she has an older sibling (with Jesus) named Hope, and that this pregnancy has already been a fountain of innumerable joys for us as parents. It just somehow seemed appropriate that Joy should follow Hope. Call me crazy.

So...bear with us first-timers! Thank you for your patience with us, as we will undoubtably continue to do crazy things as we navigate these foreign waters called, "parenthood".

A few more updates:

-I still cannot get enough of Evie's kicks, squirms, and growing presence as my belly continues to round out and take up space. I LOVE this belly!

-We have been so blessed by the generosity of others lately. My parents kindly hauled in a car load of hand-me-downs from a family friend. Our living room is now quite full, due to the addition of a baby swing, bouncer, and exersaucer. I love walking through the house and seeing how it's transforming for Evie's arrival! I cannot wait to see her using these things. :)

-I discovered today that Evelyn's french name is Aveline Joie. I can't help but break out into song with that name from time to time. I hope Evie enjoys my singing, since I do an awful lot of it these days.

-I was incredibly blessed by Shyla's sending me a gigantic bag of maternity clothes. How timely that was for me! It just so happens that my regular skinny jeans are just not happening anymore. So it has been amazing to have clothes that fit comfortably throughout the day.

-My symptoms, aside from this newly burgeoning belly, have been quite interesting. I was shocked to find that, after having only gained two pounds in four months of pregnancy, I suddenly gained five more in one month. After silently freaking out in the doctor's office, I realized that a pound per week is actually considered a really good pace. So I stopped freaking out. The climbing numbers on the scale are fairly incredible to me, though. Other than that, there are a few less exciting symptoms, and one frustrating one. I've started to do back exercises due to agonizing pain that occurs on a daily basis now. We'll see if these exercises help!

-Another interesting symptom is this pregnancy brain that has finally set in for me. I seriously got lost just a few blocks from my house. I can't seem to remember anything I said I was going to do. And I am suddenly incapable of pronouncing "big" words. It's actually quite funny. I have enjoyed having a good laugh at many symptoms. Micah and I tend to break out into laughter when I can't zip up my own boots or we just catch sight of this oddly protruding belly. :) Fun times!

-Praise God, nausea has been much better in the last two weeks! Dinners are now mainly inhibited by said back pain and a frequent aversion to meat.

-One of my favorite things to do is to lie awake at night daydreaming about what all Evie and I will do together, how much she will love her Daddy, and all the fun mother-daughter stuff we will do together. She is already my best little buddy. During my fillings at the dentist this week, she kicked around, and thus distracted me from what was going on in my mouth. During a pregnancy symptom scare just this morning, she obliged me sweetly by moving and kicking around a lot more than usual. How quick she is to reassure her mother! What a comfort! xoxo

Here are a few 24 week photos taken to savor this sweet time:

Natasha W.