Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Twenty-Two Week Petite

While I intended to start taking *weekly* pictures to celebrate each new progression to 40 weeks, it just didn't happen for me last week.

Here is a brief recap of the last two weeks:

~Friends gave us a beautiful used crib, which is now assembled in Evie's room

~Micah cleaned out Evie's room, which had been used largely for storage since we moved

~We purchased and set up a new bookshelf, a writing desk for Micah, and a very comfortable chair; the bookshelf served to allow us to move all the boxes of books out of Evelyn's room at last; the desk and chair are now in the nursery, as Micah has been wayyy overdue for a space to study, write, and read.

~We acquired a beautiful painting of a bluebird to hang over Evie's crib and inspire the rest of the nursery's decor...soo...yeah, birds. Not THE Birds of the Hitchcock variety. These are happy, feminine, spring-time birds.

~Evie's kicks could be felt from the outside at least two weeks ago- and even then, she was packing some powerful punches in there!

~Her movements have been felt more and more frequently, and are always welcome by her doting momma.

~Micah saw her move from the outside for the first time yesterday (though I think it was visible a week earlier, and we just didn't think to be watching)

~Morning sickness made a major, unexpected comeback a week ago, and has continued every single day! (No, really! Who knew?)

~Evelyn's kicks (often of the round-house variety, it seems) can now be felt throughout the entire day, and at several intervals throughout the night, and first thing in the morning. This girl amazes me!

And.... as I check off 22 weeks from my calendar, here is a picture:

Yes, not much going on the department of belly size. Perhaps this is due to the morning sickness in the last week or so.

Aside from eating as much as/when I can and reading up on momma stuff, I really haven't been accomplishing much. However, I'm incredibly thankful for this challenging and beautiful season on the threshold of motherhood (and yes, already through the door in a very real sense), as we make room in our lives for the day we get to take care of Evelyn Grace out here in the real world. What a beautiful day that will be!

Praise God!

Natasha W.


  1. I can't for the life of me figure out how to comment from my phone. So, computer it is.

    Love all your pictures! So cute. Can't wait to meet Miss Evie!

    1. Thanks! Just over four more months to go! :) :) :)