Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Memorable Twenty Weeks: Photo Recap

This is mostly a recap of the first twenty weeks through a few photos I happened to take or have taken. Apparently I did not take photos of the first trimester. This may be because I was sick and stranded on the couch most of the time- I'm not sure. So we'll start with the beginning of the 2nd trimester. :)

13 Week baby bump! I have to say, I was quite proud of that tiny thing!

Celebrating making it through the first trimester! We adored that ultrasound pic, and the tiny circle on it that represented our baby girl.

A birthday celebration at a fantastic italian restaurant. It was here that I discovered the magical effect of sparkling water with lime juice. Mmmm!

15 Weeks! Again, adoring that bump!

Darling husband delivered a half-caf iced latte. I was just beginning to feel human again, and this made all the difference!

18 weeks and a different angle. Pretty excited about a new pair of shoes here, but I didn't mean to get the old pair in the picture with them. ha ha. 

 19 weeks and trying oh-so hard to feel some movement.

20 Weeks! Found out gender, which confirmed my intuition! :) We're having a girl!

LOVED seeing baby Evie on the ultrasound!! Look at her sucking her thumb- how cute is that?? I am unbelievably proud, I have to say. She was marvelous, kicking and squirming and having a good time. 

I have officially gained a total of 2 pounds- though from the sight of that belly, you may be skeptical.

I finally started to feel movement that I can confidently call Evelyn's work. Above is a twenty week photo from today. I love being able to talk about her as- not just "the baby" or "baby Wittman", but "my daughter" and "my sweet Evie." Major bonding going on here, people! The last two nights she has been making her presence known. I think we have a gymnast in the making, for all the powerful somersaults I've been feeling. I LOVE that feeling, too- her own personal way of saying, "I exist!" And how happy I am that she does. :)

Here's to the next 20 weeks! May Evelyn Grace (and I) grow on schedule, stay healthy, and otherwise continue to thrive.

Praise God for this blessing!

Natasha W.

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