Monday, December 12, 2011

A Narrative

There is this incredible story. It's a story of comedy, sorrow, tragedy, and this unbelievably amazing romance.

It dives into the complexity of the human mind, of the human condition and what exactly we should do with things like "evil" and "justice", and where we came from and where we are all going. It's deep.

This story will make you weep. It will make you laugh until you can't breathe. It will make you contemplate deep concepts like friendship and failure and what it means to trust someone with your whole heart. It's a great story, really.

It's all from the perspective of this very relatable person, from the perspective of, you know, "you." And in this story, you cope with all sorts of difficulties and are constantly facing new challenges. But, it's tough to wade through sometimes. I'm not going to lie. There are parts that are hard to get through.

The good news in this story is that there is a hero. This Hero is a man who is perfect beyond your imagination. No, really. Way beyond your imagination. Stunning. And this incredible Hero who is perfect and stunning and everything, is also pursuing you relentlessly. We're talking serious wooing, here.  Ages of wooing.

So how does this story end? Well, it's sort of up to you. You are the main character, yet you are not the main character. The more you learn about the Hero, the more you realize that He sort of takes the cake in this story- in any story.

The Hero is Christ Jesus. And He is pursuing your heart. And the story is your life. And, if you let it, this story will truly go on Happily Ever After, forever and ever and ever, etc.

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only son, that who ever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Natasha W.