Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summertime... When the Livin' is Easy

The oppressive heat of the summer has had such an effect as one may expect, I suppose. Personally, since my local pool was drained two weeks ago, it has not involved swimming, but something much more passive.

Go to work. Go home. Stay inside.
Go to work. Go home. Stay inside.
Go to work. Go home. Stay inside....

.... find out Mom and Dad are bringing us Chic-Fil-A and homemade oatmeal cookies, and so we all sit around the table and chat about new jobs and Micah's book Flyboys (with pictures, I might add).

Go to work. Go home. Stay inside....
.... watch my 17th Alfred Hitchcock film, The Wrong Man, which to be completely honest, was a bit disappointing.

And so on and so forth.

A great deal of  movie watching and book reading has been going on in the Wittman home, though gratefully punctuated with rain and a cool breeze, causing us to slip on our flip flops and step out onto the back patio and just be thankful.

I am greatly anticipating cool fall weather, more of that lovely rainfall, and trips to places like Tulsa (Utica Square anyone?), Bricktown, perhaps some random, Oklahoma ghost towns, and the like.

Yes, I am anticipating this:

I am looking forward to plunging forth into this:

by this amazing chef/writer:

That's how I look when I come home from the grocery store, too. ;)

This song made my day. :) Papa Loves Mambo, by Perry Como.

Natasha W.

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