Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Lee Remick Of It All

Finished Anna Karenina. I have never read a piece of literature that has left me feeling as though I know the author inside and out. I feel that Leo Tolstoy and I have been meeting for coffee and tea everyday for the last two months. I am sorry to see him go, though I think part of him will always be with me. I am positively wrapped up in love for this book. The insight into characters... the complexity of human nature- one's consideration of suicide, one's fearful inability to understand God, one's coming to terms with the idea that, "Yes, I have always known that He exists and He has given this knowledge to me long ago." And so on, one's feverish falling in love with another human being, one's reckoning with the emotional upheaval of the first year of marriage, one's spiritual war against one's self... Characters recklessly given over to malice and revenge, and others still finding peace and joy in the role of being a wife and mother.... Utterly brilliant. Slightly exhausting. Undeniably beautiful.

Had a marvelous time last night with a group of new acquaintances, all beautiful, intelligent women, over macchiato's, lattes, and chai. So thoroughly enjoyed this sociable experience, sharing our history and stories of love, heartache, and church-hunting. Praise God! I needed that. :)

A poem you must read: A Miracle for Breakfast, by Elizabeth Bishop.

 “Every day, in the sun,
at breakfast time I sit on my balcony
with my feet up, and drink gallons of coffee.”- An excerpt.

Thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Lee Remick in Anatomy of a Murder with James Stewart. Although I think I prefer her character as Eula in The Long Hot Summer, with her dramatic drawl and bubbly persona. 

Meanwhile, enduring our own long, hot summer...

Dreams of returning here.

And eating again here. 

Natasha W.