Thursday, June 30, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

One of the beautiful things about getting out of bed at 4:30 is... being up at 5, and 5:30, and 6, 6:30, and so on, etc. I cherish long mornings. 
Another is that one begins to feel something really nice... something like resolve, strength, and a certain bravery and sense of accomplishment. And then one feels that great big, wide expanse of the morning up ahead like a panoramic view while standing on a pier, surrounded by ocean waters. What can happen? What cannot happen? Everything must and will be conquered. 
Revelation of the Week:
To walk in fear is the opposite of walking in faith. 
There is a cure for fear, and I cam convinced that it is faith. 
A Notable Week in June:
Beginning a new writing project. Crafting with Candy (viz, creative genius, accomplished student and graduate, master of Hobby Lobby aisle shopping, and Connoissieur of Mod Podge, etc.). Being reminded of so many times when God has taken me through the storm and beckoned the sun into my sky. Intense early morning workouts. Banana Walnut Bread baking. Letter writing. Recipe formatting. Painting. Cooking Tilapia Meuniere. Watching Strangers on a Train. (a Hitchcock). College applications. Buying (less than) $5 sweaters at Target, and not ashamed. Lighting candles when a storm took out our electricity. Averaging about 8 books checked out from the library at a time. Establishing the "favorite" Starbucks location in town. Using a yoga mat for push-ups. Listening to the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack on a daily. Adoring pictures of Eli on twitter.
Natasha W.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Brain Storming Session

Mom: Let's focus on one word or phrase and come up with ideas surrounding it.

Me: Okay. Hmmm... I've been thinking about the beach a lot lately.

Mom: Okay, that's good. Beach... beach!

Me: That sounds like a cuss word when you say it. 

Mom: BEACH!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Town, New Home, Old Friends Reconnect

Having freshly arrived and moved into our new apartment in Edmond, Oklahoma just over a week ago, I cannot gush too much about how much I love it here. 
1. The apartment is lovely. 
2. One Super Target, Three Starbucks, Two Parks, and lots of time with Mom and Dad. Supreme happiness. 
3. A sister-in-law who likes to walk in the evenings. 
4. Connecting with members of our new church over a beautiful, delicious three course lunch (at the hospitality of a phenomenal and inspiring hostess)
5. Reconnecting with old acquaintances. (Cannot overstate how wonderful that is.)
In the midst of employment applications, interviews, unpacking, and getting library cards (I have reconnected with Anna Karenina at last), I was honored with coffee and conversation time with an old friend so dear to my heart. And, wouldn't you know, we realized a mutual affection for Anthropologie's apron collection. 
Found this lovely apron at Anthropologie forever ago and have been stalking it thus ever since. 

And, there is an adorable matching apron for a little one as well. As Kathleen Kelly would say, "How cute is that?"
Enjoying some delightfully witty Wodehouse time in Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit...
"As I sat in the bath-tub, soaping a meditative foot and singing, if I remember correctly, 'Pale Hands I Loved Beside the Shalimar', it would be deceiving my public to say that I was feeling boomps-a-daisy." 
You must know that a book is going to be good when it starts that way.