Thursday, May 19, 2011

Levin, in the Field, Fifteen Miles from Pokrovskoe, Part 3 Chapter 12

"He could not have been mistaken. There were no other eyes in the world like those. There was no other being in the world capable of concentrating for him all the light and meaning of life. It was she. It was Kitty. He realized that she was driving to Yergushovo from the railway station. And all that had troubled Levin during that sleepless night, all the decisions he had taken, all of it suddenly vanished. "

I am utterly, euphorically, enchanted and swept up in the world of Anna Karenina and the incredible web of lives interwoven by Leo Tolstoy.

I love the extravagant use of names.

For instance, Kitty, is: Shcherbatsky, Princess Ekaterina Alexandrovna, also known as Katerina, Kitty, Katia, and Katenka.

Stiva is: Oblonsky, Prince Stepan Arkadyich. 

Dolly is: Oblonsky, Princess Darya Alexandrovna, also known as Dasha, Dashenka, and Dollenka.

I just love it. I am thinking up about ten different names for one of my future children. They may need a doctorate degree before they can spell their whole name, but by Jeeves, it shall be elegant!

Natasha W.

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