Monday, April 25, 2011

Memories of Red Junipers and Sweetgums

To say that life abounded there, in the brilliant sun-streaked sloping yard at my aunt's house, is no doubt missing the mark altogether. I suppose it is true in some sense, but it isn't at all what I wish to say. What I mean to say is that...well, life ran rampant. In electrified currents it sizzled and burst at the ends like a Red Juniper's blue berry cones in between a child's hands. 

The sky, unassuming and faithfully glorious was sprawled out between the tips and fans of leaves, creating endless pattern games upon the sky and darker games below, shading oases of sweet grass among the bark. 

The Sweetgums towered above the rooftops shading the green soft grass and brown flat winged fruit. Tender spikes scraped beneath our feet along the needles and green leaf blades, but mostly was made soft along the gum-studded earth. 

I remember their bark and the scent of the woods surrounding.  The lobed and star-shaped leaves fell upon our faces or tore to the ground amidst some battles we fought.  

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