Tuesday, February 22, 2011


simulacrum |ˌsimyəˈlākrəm; -ˈlak-|noun ( pl. -lacra |-ˈlākrə; -ˈlakrə| or -lacrums)an image or representation of someone or something.• an unsatisfactory imitation or substitute.ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from Latin, from simulare (see simulate )

"To be loved by the world is to be hated by the worldbut to be loved by oneis to have that world on a string. "- Natasha W. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week at a Glance:

Meeting Vella the Cat. The old gray cat who does not tolerate non-sense. But likes a good scratching beneath the chin and a blanket to soften with her claws.

Studying the art of making Martinis. Love the olive. Love the twist. Crazy about the sweet Vermouth. Not so crazy about the Gin. But I daresay that I wouldn't be a lady if I was.

Saturday night: My first martini and my premier viewing of Arsenic and Old Lace. Love seeing Cary Grant at his goofiest.

My Sunday Morning: Poetry (Emerson, Wordsworth, Shakespeare and others) over Belgian waffles with chocolate & peanut butter chips.  Rereading old love letters and falling in love all over again with my best friend.

Greatly anticipating my nephew Cole's arrival to the world. :) He is a few days past his due date and so we are all learning patience.

I recently heard of a Poetry Night at Greg's, and so I am wondering how brave I am.

Natasha W.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Evening at the Crystal Theatre

It was on a Friday evening, after work, that we quickly dressed for the theatre.  The question of the evening was, of course, what on earth to wear?  Having lived in a town called Gonzales for a year, I was rather at a loss as for how to dress for a production of Blithe Spirit at the Crystal Theatre. Denim? Heels? Ponytail? Slacks? Skirt? The conundrum was such that we were almost late in our arrival. Having no idea what the rest of the audience would be wearing, (dressed for a drama or for a livestock show?) I had to do the logical thing. The compromise: Dark denim, black Mary Jane’s, eggplant blouse, and black sweater.  
Arriving at the theatre wearing “the logical thing”, as it turns out, nearly missed the mark altogether. My fellow audience was generally radiant in sophisticated and dramatic apparel: eye-catching boas, fur-lined coats, exquisite dresses, and all graced with an amorous smile. Friends excitedly greeted one another, chattering amiably while adjusting silk scarves, fastening coats to the back of chairs, or getting acquainted with the white-draped front row tables. The atmosphere was enchanting, colorful, and subdued all at once, as we surveyed the intimate theatre. In the back corner was a small table of wine, clear plastic cups and a donation container.  Not in the mood for wine? For a reasonable price, one may snag a cookie and a cup of coffee at the large table by the back doors, at the courtesy of Greg’s. 
Upon this survey, I sat back against my own coat and inquired with an indignant desperation toward my date, “But the petit fours! They promised us petit fours!” Needless to say, even among a charmingly dressed audience, when one is promised petit fours, the failure to provide them stings with disappointment. The audience settled down, the lights went low, and the show began. 
The performance was masterfully well done. One simply cannot say too much about the production. The set was immaculate. Truthfully, if the acting wasn’t of such high quality, I would have been perfectly content with sipping my wine and gawking at the well-decorated set for an hour. The costumes were suitably extravagant. The dialogue was intelligent and witty, the scenes were well-paced, and the entertainment was flawlessly captivating.
By the time we arrived at the intermission, I was entirely won over, petit fours or none.  My date and I shared a freshly brewed cup of coffee while stretching our legs and getting ready for the next Act. Few words were exchanged between us at this time, other than audibly marveling at the quality of the coffee, when a tray of pink petit fours appeared on our row. I snagged two out of sheer giddiness and immediately felt greedy.   I munched rather contentedly (now that all my dreams had come true) as the lights went low and the performance recommenced. 
When it was all said and done, the only disappointment was the ending of the performance. Truth be told, there was nothing wrong with the way it ended, but the fact that it all had to end was a little sad. After all, it isn’t every evening that a Gonzales crowd gathers for a performance of Blithe Spirit with French pastries and wine. However, if you haven’t made it yet, there is still time this weekend, through February 20th. It is a social event that meets high expectations. Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendar. If you are looking for quality entertainment, then look no further. The theatre awaits.

Esperanza Spalding | Chamber Music Society