Friday, July 23, 2010

Pumps, Flats, Espresso, and Perfection

Top of the morning to you! And Happy Birthday to my Mama!

This morning, we did a terribly dreadful thing. To do something dreadful is one thing, and then to do it terribly is a whole new thing. This is what we did. We took Watson to the vet clinic at 8 am, weighed him on this giant scale, and shoved him (with some trouble) into a giant, ugly, stinky "kennel" (which, let's face it, is a euphemism for "cage"), and said goodbye. Snip, snip, Dear Mr. Watson. See you in several anxiety-filled hours. 

Micah left for work, while I stayed home, chatted with Mom about her birthday and my latest drama, ate some pistachios and cereal, and came in here to peruse online. I did peruse, and in doing so I did something very wrong. I visited old blogs that I am specifically forbidden to visit. The reason? These fantastically published blogs lead me inevitably to wrong thinking, such as jealousy, vanity, and selfishness. 

The whole reason of writing under this new blog, "Sola Gratia", is to refocus my writing on things that are not vogue, overly charming, or selfish. I want my life and my thoughts to be deeper than that. 

And so here I am, once again trying to figure out how to use certain trendy phrases in my blog about Sunday School lessons, phone conversations, and vet clinics... words like, "pumps" and "flats" instead of "shoes", describing my morning as "perfect with that delicious cup of espresso" instead of the truth:  "complicated and heavy conversations", "nervous without Watson lying at my feet all morning,"... "ran out of cream again..." etc. 

Well, there you have it. Life as it is. Bon appetit!

Natasha w.

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