Monday, July 12, 2010

Matthew 1; Luke 17

It is Monday, and I am newly returned from an exhausting, unspeakably lovely weekend.

Friday night we kicked off the weekend with a witty, visually intriguing, clever Hitchcock suspense film, Rope.

Brandon: “What would you say to a glass of champagne?”

Janice: “Hello, champagne!”

In addition to the witty dialog, the film is heavy with experimentation of existentialist and moral concepts, and beautifully graced with the performance of James Stewart as professor. I highly recommend the movie.

We also spent a great deal of time poring over various newspapers, making comparisons, suggesting headline designs, and pointing out major errors in our own local Gonzales Cannon. Having the Saturday off, (a novelty in itself), Micah and I worked relentlessly to organize and furnish the Study (Newsflash: We no longer have an “Office”, but rather a “Study”). We began the day with donuts, garage sales and a resale shop, bargaining for some delightful finds such as a greatly needed rug, which Watson has already approved of by curling up on it quite often, a perfectly charming silver tray for serving coffee and tea essentials, and a couple of books, including Masterpieces of Music before 1750.

Yesterday, we began our Sunday morning with a jog/power walk through the neighborhood, successfully but barely avoiding a fight between Watson and a couple of roosters, and waking up half the neighborhood upon the attention of a chained pit bull (apparently guarding said roosters?).

We taught our first Sunday School Class/ Small Group Meeting, for the (loosely defined) 5th-8th grade class. We picked up three beautiful kids yesterday evening and took them to the fellowship/swimming party. We attempted to learn some Spanish, but most of what they shared was rather uncouth. Ha! Our new little friends were fantastically interesting, and marvelously well-behaved. We cannot wait for Friday night’s sleepover at the Mason’s house. More swimming and Spanish lessons await us there.

Today: Still pondering yesterday’s lesson, on Matthew 1, which left me feeling rather convicted about “responding with mercy”, and “thinking before we act or speak.” Yikes. Hearing a lesson that I still need to learn, and teaching a lesson that I still need to learn, are remarkably different concepts. This morning, I did my own study on Luke 17, with very helpful insight from D. Bock’s New Application Commentary on Luke. The truth of scripture still weighs heavily on me now, and I pray earnestly that it will continue to weigh heavily.

The “Study” still requires some work, which I plan to accomplish today, such as unpacking boxes, and arranging books on the new bookshelf.

A Basil Potato Frittata will be ready at noon.

I’m contemplating doing something rather bold: Attempting to compose a series of paintings, drawings, photographs, and other pieces of art for the biggest event in Gonzales- The Come and Take It event.

I’m not yet committed, but I do love the idea so far.


Natasha W.

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