Thursday, April 2, 2015

This is the life!

As time goes on, I enjoy the previous posts I've made about our family more and more. I only wish I'd had more time to keep up since my last post in July! So much has changed since then. After all, we are now a family of FOUR! WOW! 

When did that happen? Well, it happened at 6:35am on October 31st, 2014 to be exact. After 2 1/2 hours of intense labor (water broke at 4:00), I stopped in the middle of the hallway of the labor and delivery floor of OU Children's Hospital, and knew that I was out of time. She was coming! And precisely 30 minutes after we pulled out of the driveway of our little house in Edmond, she arrived. This was much to the surprise of my doula, Cheri, my darling Micah, and the handful of nurses in the hallway who were ushered over when I refused to sit down in the wheel chair and instead laid down on the floor. 

Since then, it feels like we've scarcely had a break at all from the craziness of life with 2 under 2 years old. We moved three weeks later to Shawnee to be closer to my parents, Tori became very colicky and cried several hours a day, we had trouble finding a new doctor for the girls so they got behind on their checkups, we got multiple colds in our household, we were blessed with having several house guests staying with us during and around the holidays at different times, we made a very difficult trip to Texas and back during which we all got the stomach flu, Evie revealed that she has fairly severe car sickness, Evie had another cold, my milk supply tanked, Tori was diagnosed with acid reflux, Tori underwent a harrowing and failed attempt to draw her blood, and then we proceeded to get colds again. From all of this, we are finally recovered! 

In the meantime, I've done two book signings and Micah has undergone a lot of stressful changes in his job situation. You could say it's been an extremely challenging season! And during all the stress, we failed to get Tori any newborn pictures lined up! We're hoping to get her some special pictures taken soon, but there are just so many "fires to put out" around here on a daily basis, so things like making appointments just keep getting put off. Lord help us! 

Here are a few updates with Evie:

Evie LOVES to color. She has a few sets of colors and several coloring books pretty much used up already. She also loves to color in a small, old book copy of the Declaration of Independence; it was too far gone when we found her with it, so we just let her keep coloring in it. She often gets caught coloring on the walls, cabinets, and basically every surface imaginable. She greatly prefers to color WITH someone rather than alone. She still loves to look through her books on her book shelf, and I'll often find her just sitting in front of her shelf in her room alone, pulling book after book off the shelf and "reading" out loud to her self. She still sleeps a good 11-13 hours at night and naps a solid 2 hours a day, thank the Lord! I often hear her upon waking up, yipping and making excited noises, only to find when I walk in her room that she has thrown all her "babies" (stuffed animals) out of her bed. When we pray with her at nap time and bed time, she thanks Jesus for birds, family members, her bed, books, and all sorts of things. If I tell her Micah is working, she often asks, "shopping?" This might be because either Micah or myself go grocery shopping and leave her and Tori here with whoever gets to stay behind.  

Evie's vocabulary is RIDICULOUS. The pediatrician asked at her 20 month checkup if she could say at least 15-30 words and I laughed! She could say well over a hundred just before Tori was born, at 16 months old! Most recently she has picked up "basketball," "bonne nuit," "Papa Willie," "best friends," "honey yogurt," "cinnamon," and "may I please." It is just a daily round of new words and phrases for her! She also requests "Linnon and Maisy" music at breakfast time and can sing "poor mortal" and other phrases in one of our special songs we sing together, "You Are My Lucky Star." She still LOVES Bunny Foofoo, likes to dance to my drumming on the guitar (random, I know), and tells me there is a bug in my guitar. She recently had her "Giraffe's Can't Dance" book down and had flipped to a certain page, and recited by memory the words on it: "'I'm dancing,' Gerald cried." She repeated it over and over again! It took me a second to recognize what she was saying, but I was pretty impressed when I realized the complex phrase. 

Evie has a full mouth of teeth now, and does fairly well with getting her teeth brushed. We are about to start really working on potty training- which will be nice, since I probably do around 15 diaper changes a day. Sometimes it feels like all I do is change diapers, clean up spit up, and prepare meals for the girls. 

I'm so excited it's skirt season, because Evie is more adorable than ever in her skirts, and looks more beautiful than any disney princess! We love watching Cinderella together. I've even memorized her magic spell- Salagadooga, menchikaboula, bippity-boppity boo!Yes, I feel very accomplished. ;) I love Cinderella because she is so gracious, even to the evil, aptly named Lucifer cat. She is kind, gentle, graceful, pure, innocent, and just all around lovely. I rather think I've failed to appreciate her before watching it with Evie! 

She loves playing in the dirt, playing with our old "hoola hoop", playing "peek-a-boo" and putting Tori's pacifier in Tori's and Evie's mouth. She even puts in in my mouth! Ha! She loves her little sissy and knows that Tori is crazy about her as well. 

A Tori update: 

Nobody makes Tori laugh like Evie does. She just randomly cracks up wildly while watching Evie do whatever she happens to be doing. Tori has the most precious, slightly-goofy laugh! I LOVE listening to it. 

Tori is doing great on acid reflux medicine and supplementing with formula. I think she looks a bit chubbier than she did at her checkup, a month ago. She is already trying to crawl at five months old, and loves to stand up in the exersaucer or in my arms. She has such a gentle and loving personality! She loves to smile all the time and has recently started really playing with toys in her hands. I think I've seen a speck of a tooth once or twice, but it's hard to tell. 

I'm currently reading Marriage Matters, something that's very challenging and healthy for me as a woman and wife. I'm realizing so much that I need to improve on, and new ways to be a blessing to my husband. It is so challenging to read anything in this season of life, and often when I have time at the end of the day, my brain cells seem to be all used up, because none of the sentences make sense even if I make the effort to read. Evie has recently started letting me read in her room with her- that is, we each sit down with our own books, and me with my coffee. Of course, if she can, she'll give my coffee a good dunking with her whole hand. Today my coffee tasted like soap and cheese crackers. Last week when it happened, it tasted like dirt (we were outside at the time) so I consider myself lucky. 

Writing is on the back burner as I focus on my family and home life, but I often find myself jotting down ideas and solving plot issues throughout the day, or being inspired about a potential scene as a song plays in the kitchen. I can't wait to have time again to dedicate myself to writing, but for now the Lord is helping me to be content with this quickly-passing season of focusing on the family. One of my favorite things about this season, beside the spontaneous hugs, pats, and kisses I get from Evie, hearing her sing, and the smiles I get from Tori, would have to be the times we spend as a family eating al fresco on the back patio. I am so incredibly blessed to be a part of this family and home. I can't thank the Lord or my mom enough for helping us to move here to this gorgeous house. I seriously think to myself on a regular basis, "I can NOT believe this is our house!" It feels so much like home, and is such a beautiful step up from anywhere else we've ever lived. I love investing in our home by decorating, buying new things for it, painting walls, and making repairs. 

This season is largely about investing in our home, marriage, and family. I love giving Micah spontaneous surprises throughout the week, such as cooking a new Ina Garten meal or buying something new we can share together. We do a lot of wine tastings together, and were even doing "Winesday" on Wednesdays for a while. Once we get through the evening rigamarole (if that's the word I'm wanting) of dinner and bed times, we try to curl up on the couch and watch our favorite show together, Homeland. It's nothing fancy. Oftentimes when we do get out and go places together as a family, we end up wondering why we ever left the comforts of home to begin with. So, we're learning to cherish the little quiet moments, or more chaotic family rituals. Either way, we're surviving, and maybe even thriving. ;) 

Some recent photos: 

My home office assistant. She is the coolest!

My girl, Tori Rose, and her gorgeous locks.

We are so blessed to live so close to my amazing parents who help us constantly! This is a photo taken during a trip to Lovie's house, where she and Evie are playing dress-up with a box of "pretties," as Evie calls all jewelry.

Helping Daddy build a key-hole garden in early March (?). He constantly amazes me with his work in the garden, and she is such a willing helper!!! She also loves to help sweep.

Another crazy Monday with my lovely, darling girls. Yes, there are often tears, but I've learned to laugh even during the moments of chaos and bad timing.

A Rose among the quince blossoms.

Family Christmas photo?

Too stinking cute.

Yes, you.

Doctor visits are made better with Evie-Mommy selfie sessions.

"Now do your angry face!"

Lovie and Evie playing with bubbles in the backyard, food channel on, Tori playing on the floor. It's my kind of day.

I love hanging out in the girls' room! Micah and his dad did a great job painting when we moved in. The wall color is "peach beige." I love it because it's almost a neutral, but certainly feminine without being over-the-top. J'adore ca!

My Victoria Rose is growing up so fast!

A quick sushi-lunch date at Nhinja before my Hastings-Yukon book signing with the McLoud Writer's Group. I love being this dapper guy's home girl! 

My ray of sunshine is such a Joy! She calls her new Minnie Mouse baby, "Micky!"

My Tori is my "Chaton," or "kitten" in french. She reminds me of a kitten in so many ways, from the cute sounds she makes, to the way she feels perched on my shoulder. 

Evie rarely let's me give her pigtails or pony tails, but her curls are now making full circles! As if she could get any cuter. 

Tori's first haircut! Before photo. Obviously, it was time.

After photo. Daddy did an amazing job! 

Chardonnay and grilled egglplant, garlic chicken, portabella mushrooms, and red bell peppers. We are enjoying dinner on the back patio deck soooo much. It's been a lovely Spring so far! With things being so busy and crazy around here, I love how Micah helps me find romance in the brief moments we have to sit down together, with or without the kiddies. 

I can't help but feel uber blessed as I look over all these pictures and think about the last several months. The Lord has been so good to us! There have been many days that I've wondered if we would survive. But already I can feel things slowing down more to a lifestyle that's both manageable and so enjoyable. Even the hard times are jam-packed with amazing memories I know I'll be looking back on and wishing I could be transported back in time to relive. I honestly feel bad for my friends who haven't taken the plunge to have kids yet. It might be intimidating, but it's also incalculably worth it. The blessings from our two lovelies just keep coming and coming! 

Natasha W.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Rainy Day Moment

As I write, Evelyn is lying in her bed talking animatedly to herself. We just finished reading Les Contraires and Madeline, and then I rocked her peacefully as she snuggled up in her new GAP cardigan and Audrey Hepburn-esque outfit with her blankie and Puppy, fidgeting silently. But I was thinking of all the things I wanted to write, and was too impatient to sing her our usual french lullabies and wait for her to actually fall asleep. So she is currently trying to fall asleep on her own, which she is actually quite good at.

I've decided that, in addition to all the things I have on my plate right now, I'd like to add a painting project! Crazy, for sure, and maybe impossible. What can I say? Sometimes a girl just wants the impossible! ;)

I have been really inspired by Evie's Madeline book, with its classic French boarding school pictures, its charming simplicity and striking color schemes... and the opportunity it would afford for enhancing the girls' french education if I copied some of the illustrations! I'm planning on buying some small canvases to paint simple pictures and to write the image's french term/phrase underneath. My sweet friend Josee has really been encouraging about incorporating french into their education even though I know so very little.

I'd also like to learn more French songs for girls/babies. They are hard to come by, and then take time to translate, and then learn by heart. But they are my favorite songs to sing to her for naps, bed time, and middle of the night PLEASE-go-back-to-sleep rocking sessions.

Last night, we had our very first official meeting with our doula! That is, I had an interview meeting before signing on with her, but now it is official. We talked about all kinds of birth-related things, and it was so much fun. I feel encouraged and confident about my labor now- much more so than before! And so, my excitement for Victoria Rose is growing and growing! I can't WAIT for Evie to meet her, to have a little sissy that is SO close in age. When I think about it, I know so few people, especially of my or Evie's generation who have siblings so close together! Especially sisters! Just knowing how full my heart is and how much joy I get from being with Evelyn... my heart cannot even contain the concept of having TWO little girls. I am SO excited! And my joy, I know, greatly exceeds any trepidation about having a newborn again or having a newborn+toddler. 

As I'm sure you know, a LOT has been going on with my book lately. I appreciate any and all support coming in from family and friends. I assure you, none of it goes unnoticed. It is pretty challenging being back in the "social networking" scene, even if it is only for professional purposes. One does tend to feel vulnerable. This week, things have slowed down a little bit on the business front, as we wait on the cover to be designed and to hear back from people about other things, but today the Lord has really given me peace about having a bit of a break. It's nice to stop and think about Evie and Tori, painting again, and just trusting that this whole journey is in the Lord's hands. 

Today, Evie went with me for a cappuccino run in the rain, which totally made my day, and which had the blessing of my sweet Micah. We are currently on a tight budget, which really has no room for things like emergency coffee runs or makeup purchases or maternity clothes, but any time I let him know of something I feel like I NEED, he is so sweet to believe me and encourages me to buy it. He is so generous! :) He also called just to talk, even though he was driving through a flash flood warning and we had earthquakes going on left and right. I love him so much, and can NOT wait for our upcoming trip to Kansas City next month! At least 2 nights/ 3 days of nothing but dating each other... I can't imagine ANYTHING better right now. I have literally and figuratively dreamt of dating him since right after Evie was born! I'm pretty sure the number of dates we've been on in the last year would fit on one hand. I'm just absolutely starved for time alone with that man! I know the trip will be SO refreshing and will help us recharge before entering a new busy season of book-promoting/signing/selling and a new stage of parenting! 

Thank you so much for reading and for any comments you leave here as well as at . Your support is immeasurably meaningful to me! Also, if you could please go over to the Steep and Savor blog and enter your email address for updates, that would be really encouraging for me. :) Thank you!!!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Evelyn's First Birthday Party

 The last month has really flown by! Here are her ever-so-late 10 and 11 month pics:

And a snapshot of her sitting in church like a big girl!

We were sooooo excited to announce that we are having...


baby GIRL!!!

And we had our friend Jordan Mobley take some family photos! 

Evie is sooo close to walking on her own, but does a great job holding on with one hand. She has even taken several steps on her own, so the real deal is going to happen any day now! 

We had a great birthday party for her last weekend! It was a "20's Tea Party" theme, but nothing too crazy. 

I think her favorite part was having Daddy around. She misses him so much during the week!

Above: Me, Evelyn Joy, and little sissy, Victoria "Tori" Rose Wittman. 

Well, I don't even know where to begin in trying to recap. Evelyn is just so much fun these days. She is sleeping 12 hours at night without getting up, and then takes a 2 hour nap during the day. Pretty awesome! She tries to say a new word every day, it seems. This week, her new words have been, "Tickle", which she also uses when talking about "Tigger". She says, "Pooh Bear" and copies me when I'm trying to "Sshh" her to go to sleep.

I can't believe I have a one year old! And I can't believe how long I labored to get her here. Ha! I glanced at the clock around 7pm last night, which is when my active labor began last year. And then woke up this morning after a full night's sleep, and then spent almost the entire day with Evie... and we still have 2 more hours to go! Labor is insane! Why would you do it? Oh, yeah. Because of the countless hours it affords with the cutest little lady in the whole world. :)

Meanwhile, Miss Tori is kicking and squirming and dancing a lot these days. And I started feeling MUCH better at exactly 20 weeks 4 days. It is SUCH a relief to feel human again! I'm anticipating a pretty easy time for the rest of this pregnancy. :)

I am SO excited that Micah and I have committed to using a doula for our future labor! It's easy to look back on our first one and realize how much more comfortable and reassuring it would have been to have her there supporting us. We already have a lot of plans up our sleeves for getting through labor more quickly, more comfortably, and with more energy left over when it's done. I'm actually EXCITED about labor already! Praise God! I'm already studying hypnobirthing and using prenatal yoga to prepare. Come on, November!

I'm hoping to post an update soon on the progress for my book. Hopefully I'll have that up in a few days. :)


Natasha W.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Four Months Pregnant Update

Instead of trying to capture every (important) detail of the last several weeks, I'll try to keep it as brief as possible. But I must warn you: A lot has been happening!

Evie had her first sickness- a cold/virus a couple weeks ago. She and I actually got sick at the same time, and for her it came after a week of not sleeping well, a couple days of fever, teething pain, and a myriad of other disruptions in our routine. Because of the lack of sleep and other things, my health was taking a downward spiral during my pregnancy! I lost two pounds and had no appetite during the evenings. Evie reverted back to nursing 8 times a day for comfort, and I just wasn't retaining the nutrients I needed. So, with the advice of our pediatrician, Evie was weaned to cow's milk at 10 1/2 months old. I am sooo glad we were advised to do that!

Weaning has totally changed our lives! She now self-soothes during the night so we don't have to get up at all. She has an established bedtime routine of reading books, drinking milk from her sippy cup, and being rocked/sang to sleep at the same time each night. It is so sweet letting her fall asleep on us that way! She is particularly attached to her Bambi book, and insists on reading it before falling asleep for bedtime and nap time. It is so adorable! If she is too sleepy to read the whole thing, she just flips to the part about the skunk named Flower and gives him a kiss.

 Evie also just started doing well in her car seat right before being weaned. Praise the Lord!

I think starting this month, 11 months, we are entering into my new favorite baby/toddler stage.

In the last several weeks, she has also started trying to say new words- her first was "Bird" which sounds more like, "buh," or "bur". Since then she says (or attempts to say) "Juice", "bath", "bad", "bear", "Puppy", "Baby", "Papa", "Down", "There", "Thank you", and one attempt for "Lovie". ha ha. She also shakes her head no appropriately when you ask her a question and when we shake our heads at her to say, "No, no." She shakes her arm at dogs (and some times people) because Lovie taught her to tell the big bad wolf in her book, "YOU BE GOOD!" So when she sees or hears dogs, she usually does that, and sometimes makes her barking sound, which is "Ffffff!" I love it! She also tries to snap her fingers with both hands when music is playing. Ha!

She went swimming for the first time. Finding clothes for her just got really interesting. She had climbed up to 2T sizes at 9 months old, but now we are finding that she fits into some 12 month clothes again, and some 2T sizes just swallow her! She has slimmed down so much, probably due to walking (assisted) and crawling everywhere. She has been quite high energy, which is beyond wearing this pregnant momma out.

Speaking of being pregnant... I thought I'd post an update on the pregnancy and Evie's little Brother/Sister, as well.

We find out the gender in the middle of June, which is driving me nuts, because I want to know SO BAD. I started feeling the little one move at about 14 1/2 weeks, and now at almost 18 weeks, I feel him/her every single day. It is so wonderful to feel him/her make their presence known in the middle of the chaos that is parenting an 11 month old.

 My symptoms have been pretty straight forward lately: Extreme fatigue! Aversions to food and warm liquids, especially around dinner time. Frequent headaches (up until a week ago), and some (of what I think is) round ligament pain in the last few weeks.

Cravings: (Virgin) Margaritas! Tomato Basil soup and caesar salads. Fruit/ citrus. Cold coffee drinks.

This pregnancy season has been so challenging, that we have been tempted to name our little one (jokingly), Em Tasol. In melanesian pigeon (the language we partially learned in Papua New Guinea a few years ago), this phrase means, "That's all." So the question is, will this be Em Tasol Wittman??? I've wrestled with this question a lot, and I think I'm finally at a place where I can just let it rest until this little one is at least a couple years old. Then we may revisit and decide, 1) if we can handle another pregnancy while taking care of two kids, and 2) if we can handle THREE kids. I guess one reason I've been wrestling with it so much instead of just saying, "Of course this is it," is because part of me really wants a boy AND another girl. However, part of me wants to be done with pregnancy and nursing forever!

In other news, my hands are full this month with several things on my to-do list:

1. Plan Evie's first birthday party! We are thinking of keeping it low-key with just family this year. Next year we might do a separate friends party, and then combine Evie's family party with her cousins on the Fourth of July.

2. I need to acquire a doula! I'm really excited about the prospect of getting that extra support during my next labor/delivery. I think it will really help to get an even better experience than last time. :) I'm also considering looking into hypnobirthing and using a TENs machine for pain management. I'm already so excited about my next labor experience and can't stop researching and planning to prepare.

3. Getting my book published. I still have several tasks ahead to try to get that book out this summer. If I achieve that, then I will be able to start work on promoting and selling it before the baby is due in November. That's my goal!

I will try to update again soon, mostly just for pictures. :)


Natasha W.

Friday, April 18, 2014

We Are Expanding Our Home By Two Feet

It's true! We are blessed with another pregnancy and excitedly awaiting the arrival of Evie's little sibling, due around November 6th! On that note, I wish I could say we were expanding our living quarters, but I have no idea whether we will be moving into a bigger home before baby #2 arrives. If not, then it will be a very cozy winter!

We tried to recapture Micah's feelings of shock and disbelief while we were at our first midwife appointment. Evie sweetly complied with a look of total glee! I hope that continues! 

Lovie introduced a baby (which is about Evie's size) for her to play with. It was going really well, until I picked up the fake baby and cooed at it, gave it kisses and hugs, and rocked it in my arms. She immediately started crying for me to pick her up! We will have to practice loving on other babies and sharing Mommy. :) 

We are 11 weeks along, and things are going very smoothly. The only thing I can really complain about (not that I would do that) is the EXTREME fatigue I'm having almost everyday. I just discovered this week, though, that if I force myself to stay active and busy all day, then I will actually feel better than if I let myself rest (which is impossible, anyway). So the new motto around here is, "Just Keep Moving!" 

Also, as some of you may know, I finally finished all of the writing work on my novel. I'm so blessed that it has now been professionally edited and really seems to be in great shape for publishing! Hopefully I'll have more of an idea as to when it will be published and more details in the next few/several weeks. 

Meanwhile, Evie has already changed so much since the last blog post. She is crawling on hands and knees ALL the time now, and pulling up on EVERYTHING. She is getting so good at it and loves to stand up all the time. It's really exciting around here! We are excited for Easter this weekend, so check back in for pictures of that in the next couple of weeks. :)


Natasha W.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Tornado Season Update

Hello, tornado season! How did you come back so quickly??? 

Well, I don't know how, except that Evie Joy makes time fly by SO quickly. :) We are praying for a peaceful season with beautiful weather. This has been the longest winter of my life! I have been just dying to get Evie out more and to spend more time out doors. 

Yesterday, Evie turned 9 months old! We had her 9 month doc appointment today, and it went really well. She weighs 20lbs 12oz, and is over 28 inches long. 

A LOT has happened in the last couple months, as well...

-Evie quickly sprouted a total of 4 teeth about a month ago. I love her gorgeous smile!

-She also started saying Ba-ba instead of Mama, and still says Da-da pretty well. She also went through a two-day phase of saying Uh-oh over and over again. It was so cute! But now she hardly ever says it. Instead, she says random word combinations (babbling, of course), like... "Oy leg." and "Hi, bub" and once when I asked her to say Da-da, she thought really hard about it and then said, "Bad." She also said, "Type" today. It cracks me up! She is experimenting so much with her voice and I love it!

-The last few weeks have been extremely difficult as her fussiness reached an all-time high. After talking to the pediatrician, we think she has had some stomach issues, which may be tied to teething. We are hoping to switch her to a bigger car seat soon (rear-facing/forward-facing) since she HATES being in her car seat most of the time. 

-She did great on our trip to the lake with family, and started nursing only 5 times a day! She did the same thing when we visited family in Texas, but as soon as we got back home, she switched back to nursing 8 times a day. :( Frustrated mommy here! Our plan is to amp up the amounts of solids we feed her, and to serve those 4 times a day! Hopefully she will just be too full for very much milk. If we can keep her down to 4-5 feedings a day, Mommy and Daddy might actually be able to go on a long date or something! 

-She got her very first sunburn (oops!) in Texas. But she wore it like a champ. We will be keeping hats and sunscreen more handy from now on. 

-She has been really weird about food lately, but again that may be tied to her stomach issues and/or teething. Hopefully that passes soon! The doc gave us some different probiotics to try for a while, so hopefully that helps. Our goal is to have her eating from the table with us for each meal by the time she is 12 months old, in just 3 more months!

-I've learned that Evie LOVES to be around lots of activity, people, and noise. If only I could make that happen at home. Unfortunately, I think she gets bored in our tiny house with just me around. I'm hoping future trips out to the library and mom's groups will help with that.

-She is standing holding onto things really well, but still needs a spotter. She army-crawls/creeps like nobody's business, but still hasn't figured out the whole hands-and-knees thing. She is soooo close, it drives me crazy! Actually, just since I started writing this post, she took several steps on her hands and knees! Praise God! 

-She has been our little vacuum cleaner and wants to eat every tiny speck off the carpet. It is exhausting staying on top of that, and having to fish stuff out of her mouth when I am too late. Yuck!

I have to say that the 6-9 month period has been extremely difficult for me most of the time. I think a lot of it is tied to the frustration of not being able to crawl and walk on her own yet. She has shown some defiance, but I think even that has been linked to her added frustration and stress. 

Okay, some pictures below: 

Playing piano with Lovie and Nana.

Our 7 month old Valentine!

Ready for summer weather! T-shirts and no pants.

Collecting pecans out of the backyard.

New pajamas from Lovie.

Army-crawling like crazy! 

Such a big girl. 

Enjoying a visit from Aunt La-La.

A random sunny day in March.

Sneaking in some sunshine in the backyard.

She is becoming such a big girl!

Family vacation at the lake! She loved hanging out with everyone.

A random family who stole my baby. Just kidding! The lovely Clagg clan, posing with Evie.

Learning to pull up on her crib. Time to lower the crib!!

Posing with cousins in the blue bonnets in Texas. She LOVES her cousins!

First sunburn! Whoops!

A trip to Denny's for a "family vacation" with Mom and Dad. (All we did was go eat and shop, but it was fun and felt like vacation! Ha!)

Enjoying her sweet new ride in the back yard. A surprise from Lovie!